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Naples Pompano Fishing Charters

By March 1, 2016March 3rd, 2018Naples Fishing

Naples Pompano Fishing Charters

Pompano is a popular food fish in Florida. It’s a great fish to broil, bake, pan and deep fry. Not only do they taste good, but they put up a pretty good fight on a light tackle, so anglers love fishing for them year-round!

Pompano are part of the Jack family. Their breeding season occurs offshore between the months of March and September. Their movement daily, and throughout the year, depends on the tides and temperatures.

This fish is a blueish/greenish color that fades into silver, and the fins are yellowish. A pompano has a compressed body with a short snout and a deeply forked tail. On average, they are under 17 inches in length and weigh under 3 pounds. However, they can grow up to 25 inches and weigh around 9 pounds. Their lifespan is about 3 to 4 years.

When fishing for pompano, you can find them along beaches, grass beds, oyster banks, and water up to 150 feet in depth. They like to stay in saltier, warmer waters between 70 to 89 degrees (Fahrenheit). In the state of Florida, there is a daily bag limit of 6 fish per angler; the minimum size pompano that is allowed to be caught is 11 inches, and only 1 fish cause can be bigger than 20 inches in length. Florida produces more than 90 percent of the annual harvest of Pompano un the United States.

Naples Fishing Charters for Florida pompano in Southwest Florida.

Hungry for some pompano? Pompano can be caught year-round in Florida waters. Looking to bring some delicious pompano home for dinner Just book a Naples pompano fishing charter with Captain Geoff of Chasin’ Tales. Call today at 239-216-0378.

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