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Redfish are the “bulldogs” of the flats!

Redfish, also known as Red Drum, live most of their life cycle right near the shores, because they are not long-distance swimmers. They are Florida’s most widespread estuarine fish. Like tarpon, redfish are a big gaming fish in Florida; these fish put up a fight for long periods of time.

Redfish facts

These fish have been known to grow up to 45 inches in length and 51 pounds in weight in Florida’s waters. Redfish can live to be more than 40 years old. The biggest redfish cause in Florida waters was 52 pounds in 1996.

The copper-bronze scales on the body with reddish lower fins is how the redfish gets its name. They also get the name red drum from the “drumming” sound they make during spawning and when taken out of the water. They also have a prominent spot, or several spots, on base of the tail fin.

Since they live close to the coast, redfish can be easily found along shell bars, shallow flats, coastal rivers, creeks, and rocky and grassy shoreline areas. This fish can be found all along the Atlantic Ocean from Florida up to Massachusetts, and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Naples Redfish Season

In the Gulf waters, open season is year-round. To protect the redfish population from dwindling, Florida has specific permits and regulations put in place for redfish fishing. In the south Gulf region, the daily bag limit is one fish per person; you cannot keep a redfish that is less than 18 inches and more than 27 inches in length. Commercial harvesting of redfish is prohibited in Florida.

Although they can be difficult to clean, people do enjoy eating redfish; their meat is known to be firm and mild.

How-To Catch Redfish

Great bait choices to catch a redfish include crabs, mullet, pinfish, and killifish, along with soft-bodied jigs, spoons, and top-water plugs.

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